Bronchitis is a type of infection that affects your lungs. It causes inflammation in the lining of your bronchial tubes - these are the tubes that carry air from your trachea (windpipe) into your lungs. Bronchitis is most often caused by viruses, usually the same ones that cause a cold or the flu, although sometimes bacteria are to blame. Below you may find medications used to treat or help with Bronchitis. More about Bronchitis
















Bronchitis FAQ

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs, resulting in coughing and production of mucus.

Is bronchitis contagious?

Yes, acute bronchitis caused by a virus is contagious and can spread through respiratory droplets.

How long does acute bronchitis last?

Acute bronchitis symptoms often improve within a few days to weeks, but the cough may persist for several weeks.

What are the treatment options for bronchitis?

Treatment may include rest, fluid intake, cough suppressants, and in some cases, antibiotics.

When should I seek medical care for bronchitis?

If you experience difficulty breathing, chest pain, or high fever, seek medical care promptly.

Can smoking cause chronic bronchitis?

Yes, chronic bronchitis is often caused by smoking or exposure to lung irritants over an extended period.

What are the common symptoms of bronchitis?

Common symptoms include cough, production of mucus, chest discomfort, and sometimes low-grade fever.

Can bronchitis be prevented?

Practicing good hand hygiene, avoiding close contact with sick individuals, and quitting smoking can help prevent bronchitis.

Is bronchitis the same as pneumonia?

No, bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, while pneumonia is the inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs.

Are there over-the-counter medications for bronchitis?

Cough suppressants and expectorants are available over-the-counter for bronchitis symptom relief.

Can bronchitis lead to other complications?

In some cases, bronchitis can lead to pneumonia, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems.

Is rest important when recovering from bronchitis?

Yes, getting plenty of rest allows the body to focus on healing and fighting off the infection.

What lifestyle changes can help manage chronic bronchitis?

Quitting smoking, staying hydrated, and avoiding lung irritants can help manage chronic bronchitis.

Can bronchitis affect children?

Yes, children can develop bronchitis, especially if they have been exposed to cigarette smoke or respiratory infections.

Are antibiotics prescribed for bronchitis?

Antibiotics are not routinely recommended for acute bronchitis unless bacterial infection is suspected.

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